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About us

Capramilk USA (Agnes Ziolkowski) is the only and exclusive distributor of ABEL plus in the USA and Canada. All Caprmilk products are FDA approved and authorized to sell them.

The ABEL plus company was founded in 1996 and the place of business is the Podvysoká organic farm in Slovakia. The farm has several years of experience in goat breeding and has also achieved several successes in this field.

The main activity of our company is agricultural production, focused on goat breeding and milk processing. Breeding is closely related to the sale of breeding goats. An integral part of the company’s activity is also the processing of goat’s milk into products with a wide range of applications.

In 2001, a newly built goat milk dryer was launched in which we process the production of raw goat milk. The buildings have been rebuilt to fully guarantee a stress-free environment for animals.

The company manages approximately 150 ha of land in the ecological area of Podwysoka and Zakopcze.

Animal production

The herd structure is based on a dairy white shorthair breed, San type.

In cooperation with the Slovak Statistical Office, we carry out the first level control, which is a regular examination and verification of animal production characteristics. Reproductive properties (fertilization, fertility, breeding level) have a significant impact on meat and milk production.

Under the professional supervision of SPI SR employees in our breeding, we conduct selection of animals to eliminate animals that do not reach the level of production of kept animals. Breeding work successes – breeding is achieved mainly by approving the relevant species of goats, Kaspar, Rudi, Bera, Mohicans, Romeo, Lax, Molch, Bumsi, Hector, Gurt, Universe, Sambo, Tooth lines, with particular regard to milk yield.

The animals are kept in a stable whose construction has been adapted to the needs of the animals.

Milking parlors with the addition of FULWOOD milking and cooling system have been added to the stable.

Plant production

Our company manages approximately 300 ha of agricultural land, which consists of permanent grassland.

In the summer, we produce hay, silage in agricultural areas, and some we use for free grazing of animals. Feeding pastures is best suited to farm animals, in grazing feeding goats are more active and mobile, which is associated with their temperament.

Grazing of animals also takes place in marginal areas, at borders, in groves. The nutritional value of some of these areas does not fall below the nutritional value of crops, and even in some phenological phases exceeds the value, not only in nitrogen content, but also in the energy composition (e.g. nettle, dandelion, bones, burdock leaves, shrimp). ). They are therefore feed sources that, in terms of nutrient content, are as good as traditional feed.

Aggregation of factors affecting morphological, functional, physiological, protective and other possibilities of the animal organism is another important element of pasture nutrition. The free movement of animals has an irreplaceable effect on the external and functional properties of the body, which also supports fresh air and sun rays that have a significant impact on the production of vitamin D.

Production processing technology, goat milk

In 2002, a newly built dairy was launched in which we process raw goat milk. In 2003, our plant received the veterinary control number of the export plant, which indicates that the products manufactured in our plant meet the conditions for placing on the market and exporting to the Member States of the European Communities and the European Union.

The obtained raw goat milk is subjected to heat treatment, pasteurization and discharge by pipes to the dry part of the RS 50 spray dryer.

During the whole milk processing process, from delivery to the final product, it is processed in a closed pipe system, without contact with the external environment (air) and the operator. Compliance with technological discipline completely prevents microbiological and physical contamination of processed milk. At the same time, the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) system is used in the area of quality, which ensures high quality of products during the production process. This quality system is a standard used in the production of organic food.