Agnes Ziolkowski
The exclusive distributor of products in the USA and Canada
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Beata Adamczyk
Product consultant
  • (262) 948-9129

Capramilk USA (Agnes Ziolkowski) is the only and exclusive distributor of ABEL plus in the USA and Canada. All Caprmilk products are FDA approved and authorized to sell them.

The ABEL plus company was founded in 1996 and the place of business is the Podvysoká organic farm in Slovakia. The farm has several years of experience in goat breeding and has also achieved several successes in this field.

The main activity of our company is agricultural production, focused on goat breeding and milk processing. Breeding is closely related to the sale of breeding goats. An integral part of the company’s activity is also the processing of goat’s milk into products with a wide range of applications.

In 2001, a newly built goat milk dryer was launched in which we process the production of raw goat milk. The buildings have been rebuilt to fully guarantee a stress-free environment for animals.

The company manages approximately 150 ha of land in the ecological area of Podwysoka and Zakopcze.